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    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is about increasing visibility and drawing more visitors to your website. But it doesn’t end there. To succeed, visitors need to interact, engage and ultimately convert into customers.

  • Social Media

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    Or, as we call it at Switched on Media – Smart Social.

    Smart Social is our approach to social media activity for clients. We match real business objectives to social media marketing practices.

  • Creative

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    Quality digital content ensures that your channels are communicating the right ideas, delivering the right messages and telling the right stories that will direct your online audience to convert.

  • Paid Media

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    The beauty of Paid Media is measurability. If you spend a dollar you know exactly what you are getting back – a click, an impression, a like, a lead – no other paid medium in the history of marketing comes close. That’s why we love it.

  • Mobile

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    As mobile phones have become the social norm in our lives so will mobile marketing become a must for businesses looking to build their digital presences.

  • Display Media

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    Make a bold statement with display. Online display advertising gives your business the opportunity to get your messaging across in a creative and meaningful way while still being strategic and targeted in where and when your ads display.

  • Influencer Marketing

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    Switched on Media actively works with bloggers and online influencers across a number of key verticals, both in Australia and around the globe.