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Where will digital go? Predictions for 2014

Visual content. New definitions for social ROI. Integrated marketing campaigns. An algorithmic focus on quality content for SEO.

It’s evident that 2013 has been yet another big year for digital marketing. From the launch of Instagram video and Vine to Google Penguin and Hummingbird, the past year has given brands more tools to utilise than ever before – and placed a renewed focus on quality rather than quantity.

The developments of 2013 will feed into what the digital landscape will look like for companies in the coming year. We’ve rounded up our predictions for where digital marketing will head in 2014…

December 22, 2013 by Filed in Content, PPC, SEO, Social Media

Google Hummingbird, Google AdID, and what it means for businesses

This week has been a crazy week in the digital world. First, Google made all its searches secure. Then, Google announced they wanted to change the way things are tracked – instead of using cookies, Google wants to implement something called adID.

It’s enough information to make anyone want to flee to a simpler time when keywords were keywords and cookies were something you ate. However, this week marks the start of a changing landscape that businesses will need to traverse.

September 27, 2013 by Filed in Analytics, Internet, News, Online Strategy, SEO

Keyword lockdown? Google rolls out encrypted secure search

UPDATE 25 September 2013: Since this post was published, it can be confirmed that this rollout has happened in Australia.

It hasn’t made the front page news, but it’s certainly front page material for us. Today, Google begins its rollout of encrypted secure search for all users.

Say what?

Let’s backtrack. Previously, Google gave people the option to have their search data encrypted if they were logged into their Google accounts, or if they searched for anything via the Chrome omnibox. These keywords came up on Analytics as (not provided), meaning they were pretty much inaccessible – except through Webmaster Tools or Adwords.

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Bloggers: Let’s talk social media - How to use Facebook and Twitter to Enhance your Blog

“Everyone needs to be on social media.”

You have heard this line over and over. You know that you need to have a Twitter and Facebook page for your blog. In fact, you probably already have one that you post updates and competitions for your readers on (and occasionally, perhaps even photos of your cat).

But do you ever wonder why some bloggers have more likes and engagement on Facebook than others? What about why some people have thousands of Twitter followers when you only have one or two hundred?

When it comes to social media knowledge, most bloggers have a breadth of knowledge but lack the depth of technical know-how to catapult their social presence to the next level. If you’re looking to do just that, here are a few tips to help you build and develop your blog’s social media presence.

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Bloggers and journalists: what’s the difference, anyway?

Traditional PR has always been built on establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists. Long recognised and respected as the gatekeepers of information, journalists have been the go-to people in society when brands want to get their name out into the world.

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User-generated content: why it’s still awesome (if you do it well)

After Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter and Instagram swept in, we started seeing more and more user-generated content floating around the web. User-generated content has been the word on everyone’s lips and marketing strategies for the past half a decade and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. From the Wildcats’ 2012 #WeAreUK Twitter and billboard campaign to Australian Capital Tourism’s 2012-13 The Human Brochure, it seems every brand wants to get a virtual piece of this digital pie.

March 1, 2013 by Filed in Content