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Google Advisor: The end of financial comparison sites...?

Last week, Google US announced the release of Google Advisor, a comparison tool for financial products.

May 31, 2011 by Filed in PPC

'Google promotion' ads incite users to join Webmaster Tools

Here’s another attempt from Google to increase its client database by inciting people to sign up for their free services.

When searching for pages on a specific site using the “site:URL” function as shown in the screenshot below, a “Google promotion” ad appears. Assuming most people using these types of queries own the searched domain, a Google ad suggests that you subscribe to its Webmaster Tools.

September 23, 2010 by Filed in PPC

Google launches "Related to" ads in Australia

 Google is constantly testing some new features within their Search Engine Result pages (SERP).
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Google Adds Ad Sitelinks for AdWords

The Inside AdWords crew announced the launch of a new feature today which allows AdWords advertisers to add links to four additional landing pages within each Adwords ad (see screenshot of sample ad above). According to the Inside AdWords crew, the ad site links will improve the search experience by “providing users with more options within each ad”.

November 4, 2009 by Filed in PPC

Google Testing Comparison Ads in AdWords

Google announced today that they are starting to test comparison ads in AdWords beginning with the mortgage industry.  

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AdWords Tips for Small Businesses

A great article in the NY Times mentions some useful tips on how Google AdWords can offer local businesses the opportunity to expand their reach past their local suburb or town. While it mentions some good tips for getting started with AdWords, there are also some pitfalls that every small business should be aware of when starting an AdWords campaign.

October 19, 2009 by Filed in PPC

Yahoo search rolls out major Panama updates

As any Search Marketer would agree, a major cause of frustration when using the Yahoo search network is the fact that you are unable to see where your traffic is coming from. Is my traffic coming from or other websites? Is my CPC higher on Bing or Ninemsn? Previously, these questions would have been nothing but a mystery. 

September 18, 2009 by Filed in PPC

5 Common (Yet Easily Avoidable) PPC Mistakes

Setting Up and running Pay per Click campaigns gets easier with every new campaign you set up from scratch; which includes researching the keywords, writing the creatives and optimising the account to ensure great performance. 

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5 Tips for Local business PPC campaigns

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician or even a store owner, Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) is becoming increasingly competitive across local business verticals. With the cost per click (CPC) reaching up to $3-4 each, many local business people find that their effort to obtain a strong results from Google’s sponsored links can result in a negative return . 

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PPC Branding Campaigns – Why you need them

Do you currently advertise on your brand terms on Google/Yahoo/Bing?

What are your Pay Per Click managers thoughts?

Is your brand name trademarked on Google/Yahoo?

Do you know who advertises on your brand term online?

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