Google Ads including your Physical Address – Coming to an Account near you!

Late last week, the Google AdWords blog announced that AdWords’ advertisers would soon have the opportunity to add a physical business address to their ads in the coming few weeks. This would work in the following two ways:

a)If you’re the primary business owner who has listed their business through the Google Local Business Centrethen you can link this account to your AdWords’ account and choose from your primary address (or from multiple addresses if you have multiple businesslistings).

b)If you’re an agency managing a client’s account (or don’t have access to the Local Business Centre) then you can manually enter addresses into your AdWords account

Google will serve these new ad types based on:

a)The user’s location or the search term — matching your (most relevant) business address to that location and/or search term

b)Advertisers choosing to show a particular address for selected ads – this can be done through your AdWords account interface

This update will make the local business ad format in AdWords redundant and will allow advertisers to edit existing AdWords ads or create new ads with addresses from scratch.

Can’t wait to have a play around with this new update when it’s released in Australia…

July 27, 2009 by Filed in PPC
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